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Team Accudraft is taking pride in helping so many project move efficiently and with great speed, and we ready to execute your project professionally, and expeditiously, as our 100's of clients can attest to.

To date, Accudraft Inc has covered more than 7,000,000 s/f and counting, and is looking forward to serving you with that same dedication, and add you to the growing list of happy clients.

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Exterior/interior framing engineered shop drawings, which is a redesign of exterior walls to reduce gauges/waste as low as possible, and provides a full detailed installation system, and full light gauge structural engineering shop drawings

Interior framing layout/grid shop drawings, showing all stud/track/window/door locations w/ grid system, coordinated with other trades to reduced clashes, and speeds up the framing process significantly.

CMU shop drawings, Installation and layout drawings, Showing all wall/door/window locations from the grid system, and has specific installation details for the reinforcement system.

Stone shop drawings, Installation system with engineered details for the anchoring system, and detailed drawings for cuts and layout of the stone system, which removes a lot of waste.

Brick shop drawings, fabrication and installation shop drawings, with full layout, cut, and engineering details.

EIFS shop drawings, fabrication and installation of the EIFS system with all details, sections and applications, and joint details.

Waterproofing shop drawings, detailed system for the installation and fabrication specifications.

Window shop drawings, fabrication and installation of the window system.

Steel structural shop drawings, full detailed set of steel shop drawings with fabrication and installation details.

Additional engineering services we offer:

Facade engineering

Temp construction engineering

And much more.

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